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What is an Annual Membership?  An Annual Membership provides you with year long access to Cotswold Country Park and Beach, from the date of purchase. Our site is open every day of the year and has a range of activities during peak season! Please book your admission, to avoid any disappointment on the day, if we are at capacity you may not be allowed in.

What does the Annual Membership include?·         Access to our park for a full year from purchase date, please remember to book your admission in advance to avoid disappointment. This pass does not include activities, which will need to be purchased separately.·         
Your membership is based on vehicle rather than individual, so you can invite your friends in your car for days out at the park.


Item Price Quantity
Gift Aid Family Annual Membership £85.00


Gift Aid Admissions - In purchasing an entry ticket as advertised above you are making a donation of at least 10% of your admission fee today to the Cotswold Water Park Society (a registered society with charitable status. No IP28479R). The Cotswold Water Park Society is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cotswold Water Park Trust – (registered Charity No. 1120518). The Cotswolds Water Park Trust and their subsidiary “The Cotswold Water Park Society” works within the 42 square miles of the Cotswolds Water Park and maintains the park for the benefit of local residents and visitors. The Trust has plans to enhance the area to further improve the facilities for local communities and for the wildlife that inhabit the area.

This means the Trust gets an extra 25p for every £1 you spend at no extra cost to you

A few terms & conditions

  • By generously choosing to pay the higher price, your entire ticket price can be treated as a donation and Cotswold Country Park will be able to reclaim 25% from HM Revenue and Customs. You are confirming that you will pay sufficient UK income/capital gains tax to cover this and all other gift-aided donations made in this tax year.